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Review by Linda H. in Humble, TX
Great Service, on time, friendly.

Review by Rose E. in Humble, TX
Scott was on time, courteous and did an excellent job cleaning our loveseat!! It has that soft micro-material and it looks like new!! We would most definitely recommend him!!

Review by Mary S. in Humble, TX
This company provided excellent service at a reasonable price. My carpet looked wonderful after the cleaning.

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The A-Teem Services Tips

Tips for Stains:

There are a few household items on the market to help you clean stains. And, there are many ways that you can clean them without chemicals at all. But, the trick is, when you have a spill you need answers and you need them now! Here is a great helpful tool that will provide you a great solution when it comes to handling carpet stains. We encourage you to come back and use it whenever you need to.

Step 1.  Make a solution of one part of white vinegar with one part of water.
Step 2.  Apply to the stain using a spray bottle to wet stained area. (Do Not Over Saturate)
Step 3.  Allow the stain to sit about ten to fifteen minutes.
Step 4. Use a white cloth to clean in a light rubbing motion.
Step 5. Rinse with warm water.
Step 6. Blot dry with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Tips for Water Damage or Flood:

Step 1.  Take pictures for insurances purposes.
Step 2.  Pull up carpet from edge of walls
Step 3.  Pull carpet padding out from under wet areas.
Step 4.  Relay carpet without padding.
Step 5.  Use a wet vac or carpet cleaner to remove water from carpet and flooring.
Step 6.  Use a fan to dry out the flooring and carpet.
Step 7.  Once dry (usually 2 days) lay new padding.
Step 8.  Relay the carpet, stretch and tack down.

Don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.  We have the tools and experience necessary to help in all stages of repair, from the beginning steps or to the last steps of reinstalling the carpet and padding.